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How does your solution comply with GDPR?

We always ask users for permission before processing their data. If users opt-out of any communication with our solution, we ensure that you’re notified and we flag the user to prevent any future communication.

We also have secure Chat Rooms that fully ensure all data is sent and received over Https and that both parties (you and the end-user) have a safe communication portal at all times.

All data is automatically destroyed after 30 days.


How can we help stay compliant?

In the top right of all the chatbots we have, there will always be a button that links the user back to our privacy policy page. This helps give users insight as to how their data is processed.

If you wish to make this experience more engaging, you can also build compliance into your conversation flow.


Is there a warranty on my item?

In one word, yes.


Does your Chatbot affect SEO?

We guarantee that your website SEO is not effected with our Chatbot solution.


Is elay multilingual?

Yes, elay can work with over 24 languages.


How fast can I add your chatbot onto my website?

You can integrate our chatbots on your website in less than 2 minutes.


What CRM/ATS systems do you integrate with?

We integrate with over 20 CRMs and 10 ATS Systems.

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