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LinkedIn marketing is one of the most important tools for outbound engagement in the recruitment industry. With LinkedIn messaging or the utilisation of In-Mails; but collecting all the data, categorising the data and following up on them can take up a huge part of the recruiters’ time.

In this case study, we will be exploring how iO Associates used elay’s outbound marketing solution on LinkedIn to engage with more candidates and clients.

iO Associates

iO Associates is a leader in recruiting the highest calibre of talent to create the products and services and infrastructure of the future.

iO Associates has the responsibility of giving the partnership approach that allows them to create bespoke talent acquisition strategies to best meet their client’s needs. They’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge about the challenges that clients face and are uniquely placed to help meet them head-on.

iO Associates Challenge

In the summer of 2020, after what would be an unusual summer, iO Associates were looking to grow their European division to fuel their next stage of growth. To do this, they required a solution whereby their team could use to both engage with new candidates and clients to grow their Bullhorn database.

In an attempt to stay ahead of their competition, iO Associates went in search of the ultimate automation solution, that would seamlessly integrate with Bullhorn and reduced the workload for their consultants. iO Associates found that tool in elay.

How elay helped io Associates

To help tackle iO Associates’ challenges, they adopted elay’s advanced RPA solution designed to automate the end to end engagement with candidates and clients. After a full integration cycle with Bullhorn, elay then delivered a 360 solution whereby all of the outbound engagement from iO’s European team were fully automated, and all of the engagement would be automatically uploaded into Bullhorn in real-time.

elay’s proposed solution:

  • 1

    A 360 solution to cover business development and candidate attraction

  • 2

    Automating engagement processes

  • 3

    Defining target markets and prioritised searches

  • 4

    Analysing and scrapping candidates' information in minimum time

  • 5

    Adding information into Bullhorn

  • 6

    Account performance management and throttling

Results of a successful partnership

partnering with elay brought significant results for iO Associates. The team at iO instantly saw huge gains in market share and responses grew by over 40%, even at the peak of Covid when candidates were reluctant to leave their positions.

elay helped iO to:

  • 1

    Engage more than 10,000 ideal candidates every month

  • 2

    Immediate & proven ROI of more than £25,000 (placements) in the first month

  • 3

    Increasing team productivity and efficiency by 40%

  • 4

    Saving More than £15,000 in resourcing time every month

  • 5

    Saving more than 300 hours of work to complete the mundane processes.


elay not only set up their services, but they also set up several training sessions for the team to fully maximise our ROI.

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