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When ICG Medical approached elay, they wanted to drive their client and candidate engagement in new markets for expansion. They faced a challenge that their systems were fragmented and lacked true integration.

In this case study, we will be exploring how elay used RPA solutions to automate the end to end engagement of new candidates and clients.

ICG Medical

ICG Medical is a globally leading nursing recruiter with a focus on nurses across all specialities, midwives and home care/healthcare workers.

ICG Medical is a global company, currently spread out across 13 offices, in 11 countries, on 5 continents.

ICG Medical's Challenge

ICG Medical’s challenge was that their systems did not talk to each other and therefore they did not accommodate their transfer of data. Every data point needed to have been transferred manually into databases; causing errors and time wasted.

ICG Medical needed a solution to integrate everything, automate everything and bring optimisation to processes.

ICG Medical needed a solution to integrate 3rd party systems, bring everything under one roof and automate engagement.

How elay helped ICG Medical

elay helped ICG Medical tackle their most prominent issue its business faced – to truely integrate all the systems.

Elay tackled this challenge by putting in place a fully custom RPA solution to integrate all their systems in less than 2 weeks.

The RPA system elay designed for ICG Medical:

  • 1

    Scaleable, easy to use and customisable

  • 2

    Built custom APIs to automate internal data transition

  • 3

    3rd Party integrations with Zoominfo, Bullhorn and DotDigital

  • 4

    Automated several manual read/write data processes

  • 5

    Design automations for systems with no API.

Results of a successful partnership

The co-operation between elay and ICG Medical has been a remarkable success for both partners. ICG Medical has been able to automate data aqusition for more than 4000 B2B leads, 16,000 candidates and automated over 1000 daily manual tasks.

The Results:

  • 1

    Fully automated outbound business development function

  • 2

    Managing more than 1000 manual tasks

  • 3

    Integrations with Bullhorn and DotDigital

  • 4

    Fully managed campaigns


None of our suppliers made it as far as elay in our automation journey

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