• Client: V-HR
  • Case: How elay automation solutions enhanced candidate engagement in V-HR.

Automation is one of the crucial solutions needed for business growth. Automating conversation is the core of recruitment. Not only can it save hours of work, but it can also increase brand reputation and deliver exceptional ROI.

V-HR has a very large of database of technical and engineering candidates. They wanted to automate their engagement and adjust their sourcing strategy to find more candidates through their database, compared to other 3rd party sources.


VHR is an international technical recruitment company providing solutions to technical and specialist engineering sectors in 52 countries around the world.

VHR finds talent needed around the world when unavailable domestically. They source, recruit and onboard high-quality contract and permanent workers to short time scales, high volumes and specific requirements.

V-HR Challenge

With a focus on technical and specialist engineering candidates, need a new sourcing strategy in a candidate driven market. Their normal sourcing strategies were effective, but not completely scalable given the market demand.

When V-HR were adding Vincere to their technology stack, they were looking for a partner to help them boost consultant productivity and automate as many tasks that would take up consultant time.

How elay helped V-HR

elay was brought in to first take on the challenge of refreshing a 300K+ candidate database. By carefully designing personalised and automated chatbot, elay was able to engage with over two third of the database and refresh legacy information. 

elay then went on to build automation to engage with V-HR contractors to notify them of their start dates, end dates, and placement confirmations.

Results of a successful partnership

Until today V-HR has automatically engaged with over 150k+ candidates and saved over 400+ hours of engagement that consutlatn’ts would have had to otherwise manually execute. 


elay works exceptionally well with our Vincere to feed data back into our database

Jennifer Robinson
Marketing Manager, V-HR

Accelerating Recruitment Conversations.

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